Unofficial Sia Web Wallet | Block Height: 151325 Synced: True

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EasySia app updates for Jan and Feb delayed until exchanges and fork are fixed. Likely after March.

WARNING: Do not send coins to or from this wallet with Poloniex. They do not have intentions of fixing their wallet.

Looking for a sponsor right here to help with the hosting costs. One small logo/link. No rotators or unknown ads. Send me an email or message me on discord.

Quick Terms:
1. This wallet is Unofficial and you are using it at your own risk.
2. This website is in Beta testing and may not fully function.
3. is subject to closure at any time. Your wallet can still be used on your own computer.
4. is not responsible for any lost or stolen data and or coins. This is your RISK.
5. This website is not a BANK. No coins or money is stored here.
Quick FAQ:
1. Is my data stored? No wallet data is stored. Simply the instance of a wallet waiting to be used.
2. Can I access my wallet from and from my pc at the same time? Yes.
3. Is renting or hosting functions available? Not at this time.
4. Can I delete the instance of my wallet from EasySia? Yes. Every wallet can be removed and added at anytime.
5. Why do I have to rescan when I install my wallet? This is a required part of the Sia network to find all the outputs of your wallet.